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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drabee's Mini Mart--Roulette

Drabee's Mini Mart Open
9 River Street--Roulette, PA

Monday-Saturday--6:00 am to 6:30 pm
Sundays--7:00 am to 2:00 pm
Longer hours coming in April



After months of work, Brian and Lisa Drabert have
finally gotten all their licenses and are now open full time.
Roulette residents will no longer have to drive 20 miles
for milk and bread, and groceries.

Lisa Drabert rings up a sale on Thursday

Friday marks the start of their offering of Subs
and March 31st they will offer pizzas

And you can buy a ticket for the lotto

Featuring a coffee and cappaccino bar too.

Bread, Groceries, and Cigarettes are in stock for you.

and Milk, Eggs, and a selection of Dairy products

And Sodas, and Chips for snacking

And even some frozen food

And plain and flavored water

And meat and cheeses too.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Baker's Welding & Equipment Repair Service

Roulette Business Can Repair or Make New Hydraulic Cylinders

A Roulette business repairs and reconditions hydraulic cylinders and can make new hydraulic cylinders to replace those no longer available.

Baker's Welding & Equipment Repair Service
Fourth Street Roulette, PA Phone 814-544-7400
Fax 814-544-7143

Photo above shows Bill Baker turning a new part for a hydraulic cylinder

Above photo shows another log skidder, completely torn down to the frame, awaiting reconditioning
At Baker's Welding and Equipment Repair Service, Bill REPAIRS OR COMPLETELY REBUILDS HEAVY EQUIPMENT. Over 40 years experience.

Another specialty at Baker's is PORTABLE LINE BORING to repair worn pin holes and bearing bores on equipment.

Almost any type of WELDING is done here or out on the job.

He has tools for every type of job he does, and has built many SPECIALTY TOOLS for himself and others.

A recent specialty in the last few years, Bill, REPAIRS & RECONDITIONS HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS and MANUFACTURES NEW HYDRAULIC REPLACEMENT CYLINDERS for farm, industry, and trucking applications.

He can build a new cylinder to replace that cylinder you can't find anymore.