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Friday, May 25, 2012

Northern Potter Track To Compete At States

Nine members of the Northern Potter Girls & Boys Track teams were sent off Thursday  
from the school with a small parade around both the High School and Children's School before heading out for Shipensburg where they will compete at States. 

Members from the Ulysses, Genesee & Harrison Valley Fire & Ambulance Companies, followed by team members: Aaron Olney, Mathew Morgan, A.J. Schweigart, Ethan Kibbe, Clarrisa Knauer, Morgan Soule, Rebecca Warriner and alternates Jason Perry & Caleob Byron and their Coaches, Wayne Irish, Cory Drabert & Brian McCorkle, Chaperone Sheila Olney & Dale Erway joined the parade also. 

Teachers students and other staff members were lined up outside the schools to wave, wish good luck and hold signs for the team. The team members received many high fives, good luck wishes and signs to take with them.

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Photos & Information by Robin Freeman